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September 10, 2010

Free Tattoo Catalogs – Printable Tattoos

SharedInspiration asked:

At you can now get a free tattoo catalog with over 200 tattoo designs to help you find the right tattoos for you. If it’s a particular type of tattoo that you’re looking for, you can easily find it with this catalog too through our links to sites that contain exclusive, high resolution tattoo designs that you can easily print out and take to your tattoo artist. So click on this link to get your free tattoo designs catalog today


July 21, 2010

Catalogs Overview

Steve Dimeck asked:

Catalogs are in demand nowadays. Almost every company selling something has its own catalog. The mail order catalogs simply love holiday season. They generate the largest sales volume during holidays.

By using special advertising techniques in their holiday promotions, the mail order catalog companies take advantage of this holiday buying frenzy to increase their sales volume and their customer list.

So, what’s in it for you when buying from a catalog?

You can look for many different promotions such as: free holiday services (i.e. free gift-wrapping), free catalogs to choose from, special holiday discount offers, mail-in coupons, and so on.

If you’re an existing customer to a particular catalog, you can look for special offers for customers only. Also, look for two for the price of one, buy one get one free, buy one at a regular price and the next one is half off, or such.

The catalogs are no different than stores. They’ll try to win the price war and get you to be their customer. For this reason you can look for all these special offers.

Only, don’t fall for the after-the-sale promotions, otherwise known as “backend marketing.” If they give you a special offer now, it means that they want to get your shipping address so they can send you more offers after the fact to gain even more money from you.

If you’re shopping from a catalog during major holidays, be sure to place the order early. The most popular items almost always sell out first. Placing your order early will secure your product.

You know, there’s no need to wait for a catalog to arrive in your mail because you can go on the Internet and find many catalogs with product photos, descriptions, size charts and special “internet only” sale prices.

But, the Internet is endless. You could spend hours searching for the catalog you want and not find the one that you need. Fortunately, Google makes tracking catalogs an absolute breeze.

Go to and start searching their enormous database of catalogs. You can find catalogs on almost everything you can think of. You could either enter a keyword in the search box of the catalog that you’re looking for, or choose from the categories in their directory-style listings.

Have fun looking through the thousands of catalogs until you find the one you want.


July 8, 2010

Where can i sign up to get free prom dress catalogs?

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L.C. <(^-^)> asked:

I like catalogs online but i need to know where i can find some catalogs that can be sent to my house for FREE! As in through mail! prom is getting close & i hav no idea what to wear & i hav almost no time to sit next to a computer & search for i need some that i can take wherever whenever! THNXS 4 ur help!


July 3, 2010

What are some clothing brands that send out free catalogs in the mail ?

Amanda asked:

I am looking for brands that send out free catalogs, if you sign up online . Any ideas ?

So far I am recieving the Delia’s one, I want more ! (: Thanks for your help.


June 11, 2010

Free Scrapbooking Catalogs – 5 Tips To Use One To Create Your Own Scrapbook

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Well, it’s time for another general house cleaning. This is the time when you stumble across those valuable sentimental items you want to keep forever. Pictures of you and your best friends, family gatherings, and those great shots of the kids doing the fantastic recall happy times you never want to lose. Then the idea strikes: How can I keep these in a safe place?

This is the perfect time to start building a scrapbook to preserve and protect your favorite memories. Scrapbooking is a fast-growing hobby – so fast, in fact, a new industry is growing up around it. Scrapbooking is a great way to express your individual personality and creativity while creating something your whole family will treasure and enjoy for years to come. It takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it!

If you’re a novice at scrapbooking, you may want to try some free scrapbooking catalogs for your first efforts. You can find free scrapbooking catalogs in local stores and on the Internet. They are full of useful information that will give you a lot of great ideas for your scrapbooking projects. Even better, they outline the basic steps in scrapbooking so that beginners will be able to create beautiful pieces right off the bat.

If you have a shoe box full or a big stack of photos, why not get them organized? Sort them by event or occasion or by specific people. This way, you’ll get your photos organized and stimulate your mind to think about how you might want to present them in a scrapbook. A very helpful addition to your photo sorting task is attaching notes to each one. Your notes describe the photo, its context in time and place and its importance to you.

This is a critical step everyone who scrapbooks goes through before they begin a project. Inventorying your materials and pondering the best way to assemble them prepares you for your project and helps you decide what materials you need. And if you can’t find a retail supplier nearby, you can order your materials through the catalog or the company’s online store.

Free scrapbooking catalogs are a great tool for shopping without getting in the car. They will describe the following steps in more detail, and they will give you images of the kinds of supplies available including decorative papers and paper sets, stick-on borders and alphabets, ribbons and trims, cut-outs and die-cuts, frames, felt flowers and paper blossoms, rubber stamps, glitter pens and cuts, and colorful acid-free pens.

And you’ll find all the tools you need in free scrapbooking catalogs: paper cutters, scissors, organizers, brads and clips, and the ever present acid-free glues. These days, you can even find special pieces and embellishments to use on the Internet when you decide to make your first web-based scrapbook!

To get a free scrapbooking catalog, look for one of these three outstanding companies who’ll mail you a paper catalog: A.C. Bailey Designs, Times to Cherish, or Creative Express. Of course, there are dozens of online catalogs you can browse while you’re surfing the web.

No matter what free scrapbooking catalog you use or what supplies you need, there are some basic first steps involved in scrapbooking.

1. Gather Your Photos and Memorabilia

If you’re like most of us, you have photos and other mementos scattered all over the place – ticket stubs in coat pockets, receipts stuffed in pants pockets or purses, invitations stacked with your old bills, confetti from that great New Year’s Party, buttons from political events, and many other precious items.

Gather these mementos in one place. Search closets, drawers, the attic, even the garage to find them. Now, just pile them up on a table and start spreading them out so you can see what you have. As you go through them, put them in individual stacks of items that are related to each other. You may have enough treasures to build several scrapbooks!

2. Sort Your Mementos

After you have separated the items into related groups, you’ll want to sort through them to figure out which ones to use in a scrapbook, which ones to throw away, and a logical order for the ones you want to keep.

There are several ways to group your photos and memorabilia: by family or family member, by how you’re related, by friend or groups of friends, by clubs or associations. Those are a few approaches for sorting by people.

But you can also sort by events and times. Perhaps you have a bunch of memories for a specific wedding, anniversary, or the birth of a new baby. Maybe you want to group them by a time in your life like your college days or your first job. You can also sort them chronologically, showing the passage of time in your life.

3. Label Your Items

It’s important to add some information to each piece you plan to use in your scrapbook. Short notes may simply remind you when and where photos were taken or the date and place where a ticket stub was used. You may want to write more about the event or person, though. Detailed notes can be used to give depth and meaning to the items you mount in your scrapbook. Clip or tape your notes to the item for later use.

4. Store Your Treasures

Now that you’ve got them organized and labeled, you may need a break before starting your scrapbook. This time, you’ll protect them from further damage by keeping them cool and dry. You can use any number of organizing systems – bookshelves, filing cabinets, bins. Whatever is most appropriate for your space and the way you operate is best for you. One note: when you use plastic containers or bins, avoid PVC plastic. It’s corrosive and can damage your photos and delicate pieces beyond repair. And remember when you prepare your storage space that there are three elements to protect your treasures from: light, humidity, and heat.

5. Plan Your Scrapbook

Now the time has come. You’ve got your photos and memorabilia nicely organized, and you know what you want to include in your scrapbook. It’s time to give some serious thought to your presentation.

Think about the type of scrapbooking album you’ll use. The amount of photos and keepsakes will determine the size of your scrapbook. Albums come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The smaller square ones (6×6″) are portable and easy to handle. But they won’t give you as much space for creative touches and embellishments. The larger ones, usually 8-1/2×11″ or a foot square, give you plenty of room to decorate the pages and insert larger mementos.

Now you know what you want to include and what album type you’ll use to present your memories. It’s time to think about your theme. The theme will determine page layout, color scheme, and the types of embellishments you choose. Themes vary widely. You’ll want to think about your memento group and the common thread that ties it all together.

Is your material related to a holiday season? A baby?s first years? Your family’s history and heritage? A specific person’s whole life? A period in your life? A favorite sport or family activity? A special relationship?

As you can see, the themes you can choose are limitless. The important thing about YOUR theme is that it’s personal and meaningful to you. When you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to get your supplies, and that’s where the free scrapbooking catalog will come in very handy.

You can select and coordinate your paper and your decorative touches. You can find or make a scrapbooking template that will be the basic design for each page. You can choose from a wide range of embellishments. You can spend a fortune or stick to a set budget. This may be the most fun part of the scrapbooking project, so enjoy!

See how great it is to use free scrapbooking catalogs?


May 12, 2010

Where can I get some cute baby clothes catalogs?

newmommie asked:

Hey, just wondering where I can request some cute baby clothes catalogs? They don’t have to be free catalogs, I don’t mind paying a couple of dollars for one to be shipped to me.


May 4, 2010

Where do I find free catalogs on everyday electronics and gadgets?

texasgirl1204 asked:

I’ve already ordered the Lighter Side and Things You Never Knew Existed by the Johnson Smith Company. I would really like more catalogs like these or like Clever Gear. Thanks!


April 8, 2010

Free Body Jewelry Catalogs For Body Piercing Fans

Taylor Crusk asked:

If you are considering getting a body piercing, or are already pierced, you’ll want to be plugging your holes with the latest styles and designs. Get your hands on a stack of free body jewelry catalogs, see what’s available, find what you like and compare prices. Here are three easy ways to get your hands on some now.

Source #1: Visit Local Body Piercing Shops

Most piercers will have their own catalogs of jewelry that you can choose from. They’ll usually be very glad to give copies to potential customers. While you’re there, make sure to ask any questions you have about body piercing and check their price lists for future reference. If you live in a jurisdiction that has age limits for body piercings, make sure to bring your ID along, as some shops won’t even be able to let you in the door if you can’t verify your age.

Source #2: Pierced Friends

If you have friends who are already sporting body jewelry, chances are they’ve already gone through the process of shopping for the perfect piece. Besides possibly letting you borrow any catalogs they may have acquired, they can also give you advice about after care and what to expect from various non-traditional piercings.

Source #3: Tattoo And Skin Art Magazines

Many of the popular tattoo and skin art magazines at your local bookstore and library have ads for companies that sell body jewelry. You can often request free copies of their catalogs by mail. The advantage is you get a hard copy of their catalog and price list you can carry around and refer to whenever you want. The downside is, it often takes a week or two for them to show up in the mail.


December 14, 2009

Anyone know where I can find prop catalogs for the theatre?

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janealsteed asked:

I’m in a prop class and I’m looking for places online that I can request free catalogs for props… anyone know where I can go?


August 17, 2009

Where can i sign up to get free catalogs?

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xxsexiiwhitneyxx asked:

I never get mail except bills lol. So i want to get some free magazines or catalogs.


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